Our Process

Delectable combinations and artful designs


Designing YOUR Cake

Our design process consists of finding your favorite tastes, textures and design. We start with offering you delectable flavor profiles, and invite you to a custom tasting to explore what flavors you love best. You will taste everything from cake flavors and textures, handmade curds and mousse fillings, to the outside frosting (fondant, marzipan, butter cream). After our tasting we will present you with sketches to make sure we are all on the same page.


What flavors do you dream of?

Since everything is made from scratch, we can really create anything you want. Utilizing French techniques of soaking cakes in liquors gives us an incredible variety of cake flavors, not to mention all the amazing mouses, curds and fresh fruit fillings...if you can dream it up, we can create it.



every cake is unique to you, taking into consideration your flavors, textures and colors. Pricing is based on complexity of design and ingredients used. Butter Cream cakes that are simply decorated begin at $7.50 per slice. Fondant, Marzipan or chocolate covering , and more elaborate decorations increase the price accordingly.



Delivering a special cake is a complex process, and we will deliver and set-up your cake to ensure it looks the way you want. Delivery is provided within the Seattle area. Longer distances can be arranged, and require notice due to the delicate nature of cakes - please inquire at Judy@tallanthouse.com