Who are we?

At Tallant House, our mission is to create a confection that is unforgettable. We use the freshest and finest ingredients available to create the finest in French pastry, whether it is the cake of a lifetime or a sumptuous dessert display. We use real whole foods from natural sources - no mixes, no premade fillings or ganache - and no hydrogenated fats. Judy has trained in traditional French pastry techniques and is coveted for her artistry.
At Tallant House we only use the freshest, finest ingredients, including in-season fruits, high-end chocolate from France and Spain, real nuts and nut pastes, real butter and eggs, fresh spices and premium liquors. Tallant House utilizes traditional scratch methods for our cakes, mousses, creams, curds and buttercream.
This results in true, pure flavor, and sublime texture and feel in your mouth and throat - because a cake of a lifetime should look amazing and taste even better.
We are committed to excellence in everything we do. . Because everything we do is by special order, we have the flexibility to produce things for the allergic or sensitive client.


A wedding cake is a both an icon and the centerpiece of your reception. Your cake should be beautiful and taste incredible - the perfect ending to the meal shared with your friends and family. All of our cakes are custom made, both in design and flavor.. From sketch, to tasting and the final design, your wedding cake will be a reflection of your style and favorite flavors.

We offer cakes and desserts for any special occasion.

From pies, delicate French pastries to full dessert displays, you can count on Tallant House to create a sumptuous display. From our delectable desserts to our beautiful cake stands and platters, your dessert buffet will be the highlight of your event both as dessert AND decor.

More about Judy:


hat sets you apart from other Bakeries?

I have always loved baking and cooking, and my house was a long time center of social activity. I lost my long term employment at Boeing as a technical illustrator and graphic designer, after making an untimely internal job change. I was entitled to training benefits, and seized the opportunity to go to culinary school - something I wanted to do for a long time for my own personal edification and those who dined in my home. The first opening the school I wanted had, was in the pastry program. Once the people who'd been coming to my parties heard I was in pastry school, I was pretty much forced into business. Originally, I'd planned on doing just a variety of desserts and didn't want to do wedding cakes. I did one for a friends daughter, then another, and yet another - all by word of mouth. Eventually, I came to realize, I'd stepped in it and weddings it was!

What's your favorite dessert?

I was never a cake lover, rather I love the feel of creaminess and crispiness in my mouth and the pleasure of authentic, pure flavor. Pastry school foundation work was based on classic French pastry, both in product and in method - which is way more in my own personal taste wheelhouse. Once I started doing wedding cakes, I never saw the point in producing the same kind of cakes that numerous other great bakers were creating here in the Seattle area. So I did my cakes based on the French artisan style cake called an Entremet. These are comprised of thinner layers of syrup soaked sponge type cakes, that are filled with mousses, cremes, curds, meringues, ganache, etc - they incorporate a mixture of flavor and texture components. I just think a wedding cake should be as innovative and delicious as any plated dessert in a fine restaurant. As much as possible, I like to use locally sourced seasonal ingredients that are organic and sustainable produced. In addition to wedding cakes, I do dessert buffets consisting of full sized entremets and tarts to cut into, to individual servings, and mignardises - finger desserts. Additionally, I work with a lot of allergies and special diets, such as gluten, dairy or egg free, and some vegan. I am a fully trained pastry chef, so I'm flexible, and willing to try just about anything.

What inspires you?

What doesn't! I find inspiration everywhere I look. I read a lot, and love the history of food and desserts in many cultures. I love to reinterpret something old world for modern presentation and palettes. I love creating new flavor and texture combinations, or taking classics and adding a twist - such as turning lemon curd Thai by infusing it with basil and lemon grass. I think the unexpected is always fascinating and intriguing - and is always memorable for my clients and their guests. In terms of my design sensibility, I think less is more - balance is important. I'm inspired by textiles, the garden, architecture, the familiar, and a sense of whimsey or humor - tempered by tradition and history. Above all else the word authenticity dominates my thinking in flavor and aesthetic.

What cake flavors do you offer?

I don't work from a preset menu - rather I work in flavor profiles. Prior to a couples tasting consultation, I ask about their flavor preferences, in broad terms: Chocolate and nothing else matters, chocolate with acid fruits, summer fruits, fall flavors, a classic dessert like bananas foster, or a type of cuisine, etc. I then create a palette of components that we mix and match, to come up with a unique combination.

What has been your most unique request?

Probably the most unique request, because it has only been one time, was an entire large wedding with two different full sized parfaits and no cake except for the base component. Both started with toasted angel food cake in the bottom of the tall glass and ended with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry on top; the bride chose creme brulee and Armagnac mascerated strawberries, with chopped pistachios sprinkled on top, while the groom chose butterscotch pots de creme with diced mangoes and toasted coconut on top. I took all the components to the venue where 200 glasses from the rental company awaited me, and filled them on site where they were stored in the walk-in until service time.

To you, what is key in creating a successful event?

Listening to my client, and communicating possibilities, options or issues where I see a problem.